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Chaos Castle Event

"Chaos will ensue while inside the Chaos Castle"

Friend or Foe? Inside the Chaos Castle you fight to the death. Fight for prestige or prize, but there can be only one. With the Armor of Guardsman you are disguised to look like your enemies, where no one will be able to tell who's who.

The castle will fill with a mix of up to 70 users and the remainder being monster for a combined capacity of 100 occupants. All occupants will be automatically placed into the appropriate Castle. A minimum of 2 players is required for one to start.

The Chaos Castle is separated into Levels Restrictions:
Chaos Castle Level Character Level Magic Gladiator / Dark Lord Zen Amount
1 15-49 15-29 25,000
2 50-119 30-99 80,000
3 120-179 100-159 150,000
4 180-239 160-219 250,000
5 240-299 220-279 400,000
6 300-400 280-400 650,000

Any player may enter the Chaos Castle as long as they fit into the minimum level requirements. The event will automatically start every four hours throughout the 24 hour day.

Players must buy the Armor of Guardsman at the NPC which he/she can do at anytime. But will only be allowed to enter the Chaos Castle when the event is getting ready to begin.

Up to 70 participants may enter and is based on first come first serve. Upon entering the Chaos Castle then Zen Amount will be automatically deducted from your inventory and the cumulative Zen will be awarded to ONE random player.

When the event starts it becomes a Free For All. The Strongest player will win the event. Players receive one (1) point for a kill to another player and two (2) points for killing a monster. During the event the Arena will decrease in size making it also possible to fall off the sides. If killed or you have fallen off the side you are eliminated from the event and will be sent to Devias.

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